To promote and protect human health in the diverse communities across Maryland, the nation and the world through discovery, education, and innovative application of knowledge in the field of environmental and occupational health.


Through pursuing our mission and achieving our goals, guided by our core values, MIAEH will become:

  • A nationally and internationally recognized center of excellence for transformative, transdisciplinary environmental health and exposure science.
  • A sought after research and training program for outstanding students from Maryland and across the globe.
  • A fulcrum for global health research, teaching, and practice within the University, understanding that global health reaches from the local to international levels.


  • Excellence and Leadership
  • Respect, Collegiality, and Teamwork
  • Social and Environmental Justice
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Lifelong Learning and Critical Thinking
  • Discovery, Independence, Ingenuity, and Innovation
  • Community Engagement and Service
  • Scientific Integrity and Accountability
  • Healthy and Sustainable Communities
  • Translation, Application, and Impact


  • Develop and provide outstanding environmental and occupational health academic programs and workforce training
  • Discover, translate, and disseminate new environmental and occupational knowledge
  • Engage in authentic transformative community partnerships to improve environmental and occupational health
  • Ensure excellence among and provide outstanding support for students, faculty, and staff