Core Cohort Based Courses Credits
(14 Credits) SPHL 601 Foundations of Public Health 1
  SPHL 602 Epidemiology and Biostatistics 4
  SPHL 603 Applied Data Lab 1
  SPHL 610 Program Planning and Evaluation 5
  SPHL 611 Public Health Ethics 1
  SPHL 620 Leadership in Public Health 2
Cognate Area  
(18 Credits) MIEH 600 Foundations of Environmental Health 3
  MIEH 720   Principles of Toxicology 3
  MIEH 740   Risk Assessment 3
  MIEH 770   Law and Policy in Environmental Health 3
  MIEH 771   Exposure Assessment 3
  MIEH 780   Environmental and Occupational Hygiene 3
Electives 3-Credit Electives (total of 2 electives) 6
(7 Credits) MIEH 778  Internship in Public Health 4
  MIEH 786 Capstone Project in Public Health* 3
    45 Total

The electives must be public health related. Up to 6 credits may be transferred from another institution and 12 from UMCP, provided that the courses are at a graduate level and have not been counted for any other degree.  You must apply to transfer the credits using the form Request for Transfer or Inclusion of Graduate Credit, available on the MIAEH website under Student Forms.

** If a student chooses the thesis option, he/she must register for 6 credits of thesis to graduate, diminishing the number of elective credits to 3.


Recommended Electives for MPH in Environmental Health Sciences

MIEH 735 Food Toxicology (3 credits)

MIEH 730 Environmental Justice, Built Environment, and Health Disparities (3 credits)

MIEH 760 Spatial Epidemiology (3 credits)

MIEH773 Foodborne, Waterborne and Airborne Infectious Diseases (3 credits)

MIEH788 Critical Readings (1-3 credits)

MIEH789 Independent Study (1-3 credits)

EPIB611  Intermediate Epidemiology                                                                             
EPIB612  Epidemiologic Study Design                                                                                                                                                  
EPIB652  Categorical Data Analysis
EPIB653  Survival Data Analysis
EPIB655  Longitudinal Data Analysis                                                                             
EPIB621  Infectious Disease Epidemiology (3 credits)
EPIB622  Social Determinants of Health (3 credits)
EPIB623  Epidemiology of Health Disparities (3 credits)
EPIB624 Genetics in Public Health (3 credits)

Courses in the School of Public Policy
Courses in the Department of Environmental Science and Technology
Courses in the Department of Geography
Other or additional electives may be taken with the consent of the student’s advisor.