MIEH 600 Foundations of Environmental Health: Overview of the chemical, physical and biological hazards present in our living and working environment and their effects on human health. Topics include: exposure assessment, industrial hygiene and safety, pesticides, community and indoor pollution, food-borne diseases, solid and hazardous wastes, water resources, risk assessement, ecological issues and environmental laws.

MIEH605 Fundamentals of Global Health:Exploration of theoretical frameworks and practicial perspectives in global health with particular attention to the analysis of the biological, epidemiological, social, cultural and behavioral interactions that affect global health study and project implementation. The emphasis is on innovative solutions to health issues in underserved populations.
MIEH641 Bioaerosols in Biodefense and Public Health: Characteristics of the organism and their associated disease agents, biological and physical factors affecting aerosol formation, dispersion and decay, exposure factors, dose response data, and mechanisms of the disease processes are included, as are approaches for investigation, measurement, research-design and risk assessment. Students will gain an understanding of airborne pathways of human exposure to microorganisms and their products, as well as exposure interventions. The course will consist of a series of lectures, readings and discussion and will be primarily focused on bioaerosols in the indoor environment. The sequence of major topics begins with background the biology and physical behavior of bioaerosols. The course then covers health effects and exposure dynamics. Finally areas of exposure assessment and exposure interventions are covered. Discussion and lectures will relate these areas to the practice of public health and biodefense, using examples, case-studies and class assignments.