Once a student has matriculated at the University of Maryland, students are expected to complete all remaining course work at UMD. Courses taken at another institution may not be credited toward your degree without approval in advance by the appropriate dean of the college in which you are a major. Only under extenuating and unusual circumstances will we consider granting permission to take degree requirements, including supportive requirements, away from UMD. Please be aware of the following policies and procedures.

University Policies

  • Last 30 Credits:  Students are expected to complete their last 30 credits at UMD.  However, students can request permission to take a maximum of 6 credits away from UMD during their last 30 credits.  These credits may only be included in the final 30 if approved in advance.
  • 60/90 Credit Rule:  UMD will accept for transfer a maximum of 60 credits from a two-year institution or 90 credits from a four-year institution which are appropriate to an approved curriculum at this institution.
  • Good Academic Standing:  Students must be in good academic standing (cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher) to request permission to take courses elsewhere.  No student who has a cumulative GPA below a 2.0 will receive permission to take courses away from UMD.
  • Transfer Equivalency:  Students should utilize UMD’s Transfer Equivalency Database (http://www.tce.umd.edu/tclookup.html/) to determine how courses at various institutions will transfer to the University of Maryland at College Park.  Certain courses may not yet appear in the database. This does not necessarily mean they will not transfer; only that they have not been presented for evaluation yet.   If the course is not listed in the database, students must have the course evaluated prior to submitting a permission to enroll (PTE).  Students must submit such courses for evaluation by sending a complete course syllabus to transfercredit@umd.edu. In most cases, new courses are posted to the web within a week.  Once the course equivalency is posted, students can proceed with the PTE.

School of Public Health Policies

  • Fundamental English and Fundamental Math requirements must be taken at UMD once students have matriculated at UMD.
  • Electives:  Students can request to take general elective credits away from UMD at a 2- or 4- year institution.

Public Health Science Policies

  • All PHSC major requirements, including the science courses, must be taken at UMD
  • An exception to this policy is for study abroad. Up to 6 credits of PHSC Options can be taken abroad assuming they have been approved by the program. More information on study abroad and that course approval process can be found here.


After you have read and understood the above policies you can request permission to enroll at another university. Visit the Transfer Credit Center online database to determine which courses transfer and what their course equivalency is. Be sure to read all footnotes as some classes can be brought in by an entering transfer student, but can not be taken once you matriculate at UMD. Then submit an online Exception to Policy Request Form and, after logging in, select Permission to Enroll at Another University. Please allow a minimum of 7 business days for your request to be reviewed. During peak times (March - April and October - December) it can take at least 3 weeks to have a request reviewed, due to high volume.