Wednesday, November 1, 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm
Shady Grove Bldg. 2 MPR

On Wednesday Nov. 1st, Public Health students at the Universities at Shady Grove, along with students from the Biological Science, Nursing, and Pharmacy programs, will be hosting a panel discussion and Q&A on antibiotics and microbes. The event will include a brief video introducing attendees to microbes, followed by presentations from a panel of experts, and a question & answer session. Interactive stations will be set up for attendees to learn more about microbes - what they look like under a microscope, common items on which you would find them, proper hand washing and antibiotic use, and the benefits of probiotics.

Panelists will include the following experts:

Katie Richards, MPH (Public Health): epidemiology, antibiotic resistance, founder of the Maryland Campaign for Appropriate Antibiotic Use (CAAUSE), the state antibiotic stewardship collaborative for nursing homes and outpatient settings

Daniel Nelson, PhD (Research): antibiotic research and development, antibiotics in animal feed, alternatives to antibiotics

Adrienne Ma, PharmD (Pharmacy): antimicrobial stewardship, its implementation at a local hospital, MedStar Montgomery Medical Center, how pharmacy students can implement the best practices in their future line of work

Wendy Henderson, PhD, MSN, CRNP, FAAN (Nursing): overview of what is happening at the national and/or state level at NIH to address the public health emergency, how can nursing students implement the best practices in their future line of work

Ana Diallo, PhD, RN, MS, MPH (Public Health and Nursing): overview of research examining childhood diarrhea mainly focusing on healthcare providers' prescribing behaviors, maternal breastfeeding practices and an assessment of the effectiveness of a research tool to correctly detect diarrhea genic pathogens under specific environmental settings. 

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Guest Speakers
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