As of July 1, 2018, the School of Public Health launched a Global Health Initiative (GHI), with the goal of better connecting UMD-SPH projects and programs related to global health. Throughout the School of Public Health’s first 10 years, faculty and students have actively engaged in research, service and education activities aimed at improving health across the globe and partnering with communities to accomplish these goals. While the impact of their work has been felt around the world, in countries as diverse as Cuba, Bangladesh, Peru and Tanzania, SPH Dean Boris Lushniak wants to raise awareness of these global health activities and increase coordination across campus. Dean Lushniak appointed Research Professor Dina Borzekowski to lead the GHI efforts. Read more about Dr. Borzekowski and the vision for expanded and coordinated engagement in sustainable global health activities at UMD. Please contact Dr. Dina Borzekowski with questions at Also, please subscribe to our global health listserv by emailing Director of Global Health Engagement Dr. Elisabeth Maring (link sends e-mail) Learn more about some of our ongoing global health activities below. More projects will be added soon!

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Undergraduates Ugochi and Kelsie lead an exciting lesson about nutrition in Calaba Town, Sierra Leone.

Public Health Without Borders is a student-run organization supported by the School of Public Health that assesses health disparities affecting disadvantaged communities around the world and creates sustainable interventions to alleviate these disparities. The PHWB students have recently travelled to and partnered with communities in Sierra Leone, Peru, India, and Ethiopia.  Public health projects and service focuses on improving knowledge and behaviors around water sanitation, first aid, communicable diseases, and health advocacy.

For more info, visit the PHWB Facebook pagePHWB website (student curated) or the  UMD Public Health Meets EWB blog archive.

Email PHWB president June Solow(link sends e-mail) at sends e-mail) for information on how to get involved.

The Graduate Certificate in Global Health is designed to provide basic knowledge in global health delivery to enable individuals who may not have public health backgrounds to work effectively in agencies and programs providing global health services. This 12-credit post-baccalaureate program emphasizes translational health issues and combines population-based prevention methods with evidence-based, community-supported initiatives. The program prepares students to identify and analyze major health problems in the global society and to develop skills for designing targeted programs, interventions and campaigns to address those challenges. Students collaborate with leading global health experts to design solutions, and prepare for careers implementing global health strategies.

For more info, email Maurice Rocque(link sends e-mail).

The Global Public Health (GPH) program, sponsored by the School of Public Health, offers an interdisciplinary examination of the complex connections between health, culture, economic growth and development, and environmental sustainability. First and second-year College Park Scholars students who participate in the GPH program gain an understanding of the conceptual and practical foundations of community health, explore global public health challenges and consider ways to improve population health within diverse contexts. Dr. Elisabeth Maring directs the GPH Scholars program. Visit the GPH Scholars website for more info.