Room Number: 
2121, 2125, 2131C, 2127
Shared facilities include a field sample preparation lab (room 2121), post-PCR lab (room 2125), temperature controlled weigh and microscopy lab (room 2131C), and a freezer area and a general equipment and preparation lab (room 2127). Equipment: Beckman Coulter high-capacity temperature controlled centrifuge, incubators, standard thermocycler, an Agilent Mx3005P real-time PCR cycler, gel electrophoresis units and power supplies, a gel documentation system, a rotisserie hybridization oven, an ultraviolet light crosslinker, analytical microbalance for PM measurements, an Olympus fluorescence microscope, -80˚C freezers, autoclave, lyophilizer, Fisher Iso-temp Model 800 convection oven, and dishwasher.