Anna Posbergh
April 24, 2020

The Whitlark Fellowship supports selected research activities by Kinesiology Ph.D. students at the University of Maryland. The intention of the fellowship is to afford students the opportunity to conduct research internationally.  Projects are judged on the intellectual merit and scope and the educational value of the proposed outcomes that contribute to the student’s scholarly development. We are happy to announce Anna Posbergh (Advisor: Dr. Jette) has been awarded a Whitlark Fellowship.

Anna will be using the funds from the Whitlark Fellowship for two international research trips in the next year: one to Lausanne, Switzerland for a month (July/August, 2020) and Monaco for approximately two weeks (February 2021). In Lausanne, she will be conducting archival research at the International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) Olympic Studies Centre, exploring the ‘scientization’ of fair play and ideas of fairness in sport policy, especially as manifest in transgender regulations. In Monaco, she will be collecting interview data for her dissertation during the rescheduled IOC’s World Conference on Prevention of Illness and Injury in Sport.

Congrats, Anna!