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January 19, 2018

In this deep dive into the ways in which science is increasingly being used to bolster the anti-abortion movement's arguments against the procedure, SPH Assistant Professor Julia Steinberg (Family Science) talks about a controversial piece of research by Bowling Green State University Professor Priscilla Coleman. Dr. Coleman's research suggests a connection between abortion and anxiety, mood and substance abuse disorders. Though Dr. Coleman has acknowledged and corrected a weighting error in her analysis, Dr. Steinberg and others believe that her work is far more deeply flawed, and say that her results are not reproducible. "There is a false equivalence between the science and what [Coleman] does,” Dr. Steinberg is quoted as saying. “It’s not a debate, the way global warming is not a debate. There are people claiming global warming is not occurring, but scientists have compelling evidence that it is occurring. Similarly, there are people like Coleman, claiming abortion harms women's mental health, but the scientists have compelling evidence that this is not occurring."

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