Cover photo of the book why we are losing the war on gun violence in the U.S.
January 7, 2021

Why is America losing the war on gun violence? A new book, co-edited by Dr. Woodie Kessel, a professor of the practice at the University of Maryland School of Public Health details why. 

Why We Are Losing the War on Gun Violence in the U.S. explores several “principles of war” in regards to the public health perspectives about issues and solutions amid the gun violence epidemic nationwide. 

According to the book, gun violence is a public health crisis that remains “politicized and paralyzed with inaction.” The book’s chapters unveil the authors’ thoughts and perspectives about the challenges around gun violence prevention, as well as highlight potential solutions, ultimately, to save lives. Dr. Kessel authored the forward, epilogue, and two chapters.  

University of Maryland Professor Joe Richardson (Department of African American Studies) and Ed Sondik, a member of the UMD School of Public Health’s Community Advisory Council, authored other chapters. 

Some of the topics discussed in the book include: 

  • Gun Violence, Structural Violence, and Social Justice

  • School Shootings: Creating Safer Schools

  • Mental Illness and Gun Violence

  • Understanding the Political Divide in Gun Policy Support

  • The Second Amendment and the War on Guns

  • The Impact of Policy and Law Enforcement Strategies on Reducing Gun Violence in America

  • Youth Gun Violence Prevention Organizing

  • Smart Guns Don't Kill People

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