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April 13, 2018

The Cape Gazette reported on a public forum held in Millsboro, Delaware, on March 14, discussing the state of well water contamination in Sussex County.

According to the article, “The focus of this event was to address the increasing apprehensions and worry regarding water pollution while supporting information was presented in the form of case studies, research, and other scientific methods of analysis.”

SPH Associate Professor Sacoby Wilson (MIAEH) was one of the forum’s panelists, and he discussed the plight of those living outside of city limits and relying on well water. “When you are unincorporated that is contamination without representation,” he said. “We are paying the costs for companies being able to pollute without proper reprimanding, and we need to fix our broken system by holding politicians accountable. We are not anti-farm, but taxpayers should not absorb the costs both economically and physically for the issues that are present,” he said.

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