February 5, 2015

A team from the Center evaluated the health knowledge and literacy of second, third, fourth and fifth graders at Worcester County’s elementary schools in January, before the students receive new health literacy lessons. Worcester County teachers will be integrating health literacy in the daily curriculum of all second through fifth grade classes in the county, and a team from the Center for Health Literacy will return in June to assess the effectiveness of the new health literacy curriculum.

The project focuses on integrating health literacy concepts into the general K-8 curriculum in Worcester County Public Schools. The new curriculum aims to increase student capacity as empowered consumers of health information and services. Assessments evaluated health knowledge, perceived self-efficacy and levels of health literacy that will be used demonstrate the effectiveness of the curriculum and document improvements in health literacy.

2nd grade: This year is the implementation of curriculum across the county, after last year’s pilot with second graders.

3-5th grade: This year is the pilot for these three grades, each in one school in the county.

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