February 5, 2015

The Center for Health Literacy is in its second year of its Health Literacy Campaign for Prince George’s County’s Health Enterprise Zone (HEZ). A Random Household Survey has been completed, data is being analyzed, and the Steering Committee is proposing a series of Health Literacy Neighborhood Forums in zip code 20743. Preliminary findings from the survey will be available this month!

The neighborhood-based forums will be the kick-off for the 20743-wide Health Literacy Campaign, a community-based program to help Capitol Heights be prepared to use new health care services that residents are and will be receiving in the Health Enterprise Zone. The goals of the forums are: 1) to provide an opportunity for residents to learn about the HEZ and health literacy; and 2) to express and record their opinions and needs for health services and health literacy messages and resources. Over the next few weeks, Center for Health Literacy will work closely with its Steering Committee of residents and community leaders to finalize forum activities and develop campaign messages to promote community involvement and active participation at the forums.

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