Sara Honarvar
August 28, 2019

Congratulations to Sara Honarvar who has successfully completed her Master’s Degree. 

Title: Human-Human Sensorimotor Interaction

Committee: Dr. Jae Kun Shim, Advisor, Dr. Jin-Oh Hahn, Dr. Yancy Diaz-Mercado, Dr. Hyun Joon Kwon

Abstract: We investigated the role of sensory feedback in inter-personal interactions when two co-workers are working together. Twenty-five co-workers completed two isometric finger force production experiments. In Experiment 1, co-workers isometrically produced finger forces such that combined force will match a target force and/or torque under different visual and haptic conditions. In Experiment 2, without participants’ knowledge, each performed the same task with the playback of his/her partner’s force trajectory previously recorded from Experiment 1. Results from both experiments indicated that co-workers performed the task worse in the presence of haptic and visual feedback. Since, in latter as opposed to the former condition, they adopted a compensatory strategy to accomplish the task accurately. Further analysis showed that co-workers achieved the same level of motor performance with similar control strategies, suggesting that they did not work synergistically to achieve better performance, but one co-worker processed another as disturbance when they worked together.

Sara is pursuing her PhD in Mechanical Engineering here at UMD.

Congrats and Good Luck, Sara!