Dean Boris Lushniak with student Japji Bindra
January 3, 2018

School of Public Health Dean Boris Lushniak used part of his winter commencement speech to critique December reports from the Washington Post alleging that Trump administration officials forbade Centers for Disease Control staff from using seven hot-button words in official documents. The Post's story said the seven words included "transgender," "science-based" and "evidence-based."


"Be fearless," Dean Lushniak said. "Use words like 'vulnerable.' Use words like 'entitlement.' Use words like 'diversity.' Use words like 'transgender.' Use words like 'fetus.' Use words like 'evidence-based.' And use words like 'science-based.' You have been trained. You have been trained to change the world."

Over 24,000 people watched the video after it was posted to the School of Public Health's Facebook page. 

Dean Lushniak also wrote a letter to the Washington Post about the "forbidden" words, which was published in The Post on Dec. 19, 2017. 

"I will continue to shout out and teach the next generation of public-health leaders the forbidden words as they add to further defining 21st-century public health," he wrote. " 'Vulnerable, entitlement, diversity, transgender, fetus, evidence-based, science-based.' There, I’ve said them!" 

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