Dean Boris Lushniak
May 26, 2020

With testing equipment, laboratory capacity, contact tracers and public cooperation, the Washington D.C. region is only weeks away from containing COVID-19. 

States, counties, private contractors and the federal government have been able to obtain more equipment, while Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia have been increasing their testing and their contact tracing. 

It's "doable in this region in a matter of weeks," Dean Boris Lushniak told reporters. 

It's the goal until a cure or vaccine is developed. The alternative is more disease, deaths and shutdowns. 

“The vaccine would be really helpful, but right now, we have something in hand that will work if we do it right,” Lushniak said. 

Lushniak is a former acting U.S. surgeon general and current dean of UMD's School of Public Health. 

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