Boris Lushniak and Wesley Queen in Annapolis

Dean Boris Lushniak and Wesley Queen at the State House in Annapolis

March 23, 2018

On March 13, SPH Dean Boris Lushniak testified before the Maryland House Appropriations Committee in favor of House Bill 904, Weapon-Free Higher Education Zones. 

Dean Lushniak was joined by Wesley Queen, who leads the Center on Aging Legacy Leadership Institute on Public Policy in the Department of Health Services Administration, and serves as the School of Public Health legislative liaison in Annapolis during the Maryland legislative session.

“As a public health professional, I strongly believe that this bill provides an opportunity to prevent gun violence on Maryland’s campuses, enabling us to better assure the safety of the young adult population that is present daily on our UMD college campus," Dean Lushniak said in his testimony.

Dean Lushniak continued, “As public health professionals, we know that scientific evidence supports HB 904 and codifying the prohibitions of guns on Maryland’s public institutions of higher education because we know that prevention of suicide and gun violence is of paramount importance to the health of our students and our campus communities. We know from other successful public health campaigns that changing individual behavior can be very difficult. However, changing the environment and changing laws can address a public health problem effectively. In this case, HB 904 will help to prevent suicide and gun violence against others by reducing the availability of these lethal weapons on our college campuses. It is not the only solution, for certain, but it is a critical one that enables our educational institutions to greatly improve safety and security on our campuses.”

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