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February 19, 2018

In an extensively researched story about pollution of drinking water in two different areas of Delaware and the government's very different reactions to each case, The Delaware News Journal quotes SPH Assistant Professor Sacoby Wilson (MIAEH) on how environmental justice is often not served in low-income, unincorporated regions. 

The article focuses on an unincorporated area near Millsboro, Delaware, where Mountaire Farms runs a large chicken processing plant and sprays highly contaminated wastewater on hundreds of acres of fields. Dr. Wilson, who has studied environmental justice issues in the region, said in the article that when there is an unincorporated neighborhood with no local political representation, it can lead to what he calls "contamination without representation."

“If you had the same types of things going on in cities as you do in rural areas as far as dumping of waste, well, it just wouldn’t happen because you’d have people marching in the streets,” Dr. Wilson said in the article. “The true environmental justice is economic and political.”

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