September 15, 2014

TerpAccess Disability Network: Moving towards a fully inclusive and accessible School

of Public Health.  This Maryland Moving Forward initiative was launched on Friday September 12th by Dr. Ana Palla-Kane and Stephanie Cork.

TerpAccess Disability Network has the mission of establishing an inclusive environment where every student, faculty, staff and community members with disabilities feels welcomed, respected and supported. This initiative includes a Disability Awareness and Advocacy Training (DAAT) to SPH students, faculty and staff; website and events part of the disability awareness month.

On September 12th, 2014 TerpAccess Disability Network initiative brought “U.S./U.K. Youth with Disabilities Leadership and Empowerment Exchange Program (program sponsored by Blaze Sports and the US embassy in London) to the School of Public Health.

A Roundtable with seven UK Exchange students with disability shared their experiences at UK universities. They discussed the impact of physical activity and sports initiatives in the promotion of disability rights and empowerment of individuals with disabilities in their country and US.  A sitting volleyball demonstration followed the roundtable with participation of SPH faculty and students.

                               Terp access round table     Terp Access pic 2    terp Access pic 3

For more information on the TerpAccess Disability Network contact Dr. Ana Palla-Kane.