April 9, 2014

Department of Kinesiology Associate Professor J. Carson Smith, a leading researcher in the effects of exercise and physical activity on human brain function and mental health, spoke to the UMD AMSA chapter (the premedical chapter of the American Medical Student Association) last night at the Stamp Student Union as part of an Alzheimer’s Research Night they organized. Dr. Smith has published research showing that regular exercise may improve cognitive function among older adults at risk for Alzheimer’s disease.



Dr. Marie A. Bernard, Deputy Director of the National Institute on Aging, whose research interests include nutrition and function in aging populations, with particular emphasis on ethnic minorities, was also invited to speak. Dr. Bernard and Dr. Smith talked about the current state of Alzheimer’s research and how students can get involved in research, awareness and advocacy.

Photos: Top right: Dr. Marie A. Bernard and Dr. J. Carson Smith; below: UMD AMSA members, with Drs. Bernard and Smith






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