July 4, 2007

What keeps people functioning and sane under conditions of extreme duress? Look into the hearts and minds of forty-one remarkable individuals who survived the combat of WWII and emerged well-adjusted. Explore the inspiring, powerful stories and timeless lessons that demystify resilience and remind us that it is achievable by all.

Dr Glenn Schiraldi's World War II Survivors: Lessons in Resilience explores resilience--the strengths of mind and character which help people facing overwhelming stress to function well and preserve their sanity.

The book also makes us realise that inspite of enduring incredible suffering, how people can still remain soft and whole inside--hopeful, loving, and happy. While we hear about the real and tragic casualties of war, we perhaps hear less about those who withstand so much, and yet return to live productive lives. This book is in a sense stories of those who figured out ways to keep it together.

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