March 7, 2018

Family Science Assistant Professor Ali Hurtado, recently created a Spanish language parent-engagement Extension program. The design and evaluation of the program are described in “Development and Evaluation of a Parent-Engagement Curriculum to Connect Latino Families and Schools” in the February edition of Journal of Extension. The program was designed to help parents strengthen their relationships with school staff and teachers, build skills in navigating the U.S. school system, and increase their self-efficacy for supporting their children's success in school. Dr. Hurtado and co-authors Kathleen Olson, Dr. Silvia Alvarez de Davila, and Victoria Campoverde found positive changes toward most program goals and increased parent–school engagement.

Dr. Hurtado had this to say about the article: “In this paper we examined parenting practices that support youth educational achievement and parent-school engagement. This feasibility evaluation enabled Extension Educators in Minnesota to build a signature program being replicated in rural Minnesota with Latino communities, and we are now expanding to other cultural and ethnic communities.”

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