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Kinesiology professor Dr. Seppo Iso-Ahola provides input on how momentum can influence NBA playoffs.

June 6, 2019

In an anaylsis of the NBA Finals between the Raptors and Warriors, Inverse news reporter Yasmin Tayag asked Kinesiology professor Dr. Seppo Iso-Ahola for input on how momentum may contribute to game's outcome.  Dr. Iso-Ahola, whose research is within the sport and exercise psychology realm, explains that momentum "facilitates nonconscious processing and automatic execution of athletic (motor) movements that have been rehearsed over thousands and thousands of hours." Additionally, Dr. Iso-Ahola's reasearch has found that both frequency and duration of momentum contribute to the success of athletes. He also addresses the importance of recognizing "each competitive situation as its own performance event for which momentum has to be separately created.  It would be a mistake to think, after winning a game, that we now have a momentum that will carry us through the next game and ultimately, to the championship."

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