July 31, 2012

Dean Jane E. Clark has appointed Dr. Marcio A. Oliveira, Research Assistant Professor in Kinesiology, as the first Assistant Dean for Educational Innovation for the School of Public Health. In this capacity, Dr. Oliveira will work closely with the campus's Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE), the Office of Information Technology (OIT), and the faculty and staff of the School of Public Health to provide leadership and support for our educational mission. Dr. Oliveira, who was assistant chair for the Department of Kinesiology from July 2009 to June 2012, is involved in several campus committees and initiatives related to the use of technology to enhance learning strategies. His leadership in the use of technology for teaching and learning has led Assistant Dean Oliveira into acting as an advocate and mentor for several of his campus colleagues. Since 2011, he has served as one of the university's Blended Learning Faculty Fellows and in this role led the redesign of the undergraduate Kinesiology course on Motor Development (KNES 370). In this course, students learn through a combination of face-to-face and online interactions that utilize multimedia data, social technologies, simulations, and visualization for individual and collaborative learning and for team projects. Key areas of focus for Assistant Dean Oliveira will include:

  • Developing collaborative classes with the University of Maryland Baltimore as part of the MPowering the State initiative to create a collaborative School of Public Health
  • Providing support for faculty to develop effective teaching and learning strategies that enhance the quality of courses and address barriers to using technology
  • Implementing new technologies in the School of Public Health's media laboratory which will lead to the development of model online and blended learning programs offered by the SPH
  • Redesigning and creating new and non-traditional spaces in the SPH building dedicated to enhancing interactive and interdisciplinary learning - Oliveira envisions that learning can happen anytime and anywhere and will explore ways to create common spaces in and around the School of Public Health that promote more active and collaborative learning outside of the classroom

In addition to these initiatives, Dr. Oliveira will oversee the School of Public Health's Division of Information and Technology (aka "Do-IT"). This division will support the use of technologies for research, teaching, and service. Dr. Oliveira will supervise the SPH IT coordinator and staff and serve as the primary liaison between the technical and non-technical personnel in the SPH.