Professor presents lecture
November 17, 2019

On Friday, November 8th, Dr. Shim continued the Kinesiology First Friday Seminar Series by sharing about his research in neuromechanics. Dr. Shim defines neuromechanics as "an area of science investigating how the nervous system interacts with other body parts and the environment neurally and mechanically to produce purposeful, coordinated actions."  He explained that it is more common to think of neuroscience and motor control as a separate system from biomechanics, but emphsized the importance of understanding the system as a whole through neuromechanics, rather than the aforementioned individual parts.

Some of the recent research projects in the lab include:

1. Testing Under Armour shoes with bio markers on participants as they run

2. Amputee and prosthesis in regards to their physical activity and health

3. Hand rehabilitation after an individual has suffered a stroke

4. Inter personal motor synergy (what are the principles that naturally allow human to human interaction to coordinate movement-oriented tasks)

5. Examining the walking gait in children with Cerebral Palsy before and after a single-event multilevel surgery (SEMLS). Specifically, questioning if the surgery is beneficial not just in appearance of gait but also for functionality of the child.


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