pregnant woman receives medical care
February 13, 2018

Assistant Professor Marie Thoma joined host Craig Cohen on the radio show Houston Matters to discuss discrepancies in the number of pregnancy-related deaths in Texas. Dr. Thoma co-authored the article Trends in Texas maternal mortality by maternal age, race/ethnicity, and cause of death, 2006-2015 with Dr. Marian MacDorman, Research Professor at the Maryland Population Research Center, and Dr. Eugene DeClercq, Professor of Community Health Sciences at Boston University. It was published in the journal Birth as a follow-up to their 2016 article in which Texas’ maternal mortality rate was so high it was considered a data anomaly.

Upon further exploration, the authors found that there was an increase in nonspecific causes of death that may be partly due to an actual increase and partly due to overreporting. Listen to the full interview to hear more about Dr. Thoma’s interpretation of the findings and hear from two local experts in Texas.

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