Fabian Donate
August 22, 2020

With high rates of food security, high rates of uninsured patients and one of the least educated states in the nation, it is clear that Nevada has failed to prioritize public health, MHA student and Nevada native Fabian Donate wrote in The Nevada Independent. 

"The challenges that Nevada will face are the same as before – finding new revenue streams, strategizing ways to diversify the economy, and spearheading innovation to solve problems (i.e. water shortages, physician-patient ratios, solar-powered hotels, etc.)," Donate said.

"We have to accept the reality that an underfunded state cannot stand by itself anymore, and it’s well beyond time to accept the notion that more must be done to protect the health of Nevadans."

Casino executives, statewide policy makers, community partners, local public servants and everyday readers can change what they are doing, Donate outlines. 

"If you prioritize the right strategies and adopt a commitment to public health,  the long-term return of this investment will be something worth being proud of," Donate wrote. "It’s never too late to make this change; now is the time for Nevadans to step forward."

Read the rest in The Nevada Independent.

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