March 3, 2015

Emory Luce Baldwin (MS, CFT ’04) has co-authored Parenting with Courage and Uncommon Sense  with Linda Jessup, the founder of the Parent Encouragement Program (PEP). In her new book, Ms. Baldwin takes a practical yet lighthearted approach to parenting through life’s ups and downs. Baldwin and Jessup teach parents to better understand their children by using love, respect, and encouragement to foster growth. To guide parents in “raising children who grow up to be good people, not just good kids,” each chapter features a common family problem and illustrates how parents can solve these problems via skills and experience, creating a stronger and happier home in the process. This evidence-based, results oriented approach book is used as a primary resource for PEP parenting classes.

PEP, a premier parenting education program, has served thousands of families in Maryland and the DC area for over thirty years by  providing parenting classes addressing needs related to children of all ages. PEP’s classes and workshops focus on positive and active parenting and include special topics ranging from managing anger, to parenting through power struggles.

Ms. Baldwin has worked with PEP for 20 years, empowering parents to more effectively raise their children. She has taught classes focusing on special topics, such as setting limits with challenging children and helping anxious and fearful children. In 2004, Ms. Baldwin graduated from the Department of Family Science (FMSC) Couple and Family Therapy program and has since specialized in Narrative therapy for families and children. Ms. Baldwin’s extensive training and experience have allowed her to provide classes, workshops, and therapy to countless families across Maryland.