Health Equity Master’s Students Receive Do Good Grant for Community Knowledge Workshops
November 14, 2019

Coming to a community near you in spring 2020: “Nobody’s Guinea Pig: Your Rights in Research.”

Second-year health equity master’s students Maya Deane-Polyak and Meg Jordan were awarded a mini-grant through the Do Good Institute in the School of Public Policy. The grant will enable the team to partner with the Susan D. Mona Center for Health and Wellness in Temple Hills, MD to deliver a community-centered training to Prince George’s County residents in spring 2020. 

Do Good Mini-Grants are awarded to multiple school teams and organizations each year to fund student-led, student-run proposals that aim to create a positive social or environmental impact. 

Given the changing landscape of research recruitment and the diversification of enrollment methods, communities are increasingly likely to be exposed to research opportunities and thus are at increased risk of research exploitation. The training will focus on the protections and rights that people can expect if they choose to participate in research. 

“This grant provides the support I need to synthesize the concepts and practices I have learned throughout my education in SPH and apply them in a community setting to promote health equity,” said Deane-Polyak.

The workshop provides realistic scenarios where participants learn what to listen for and what questions to ask before they volunteer personal information. This training will teach participants’ to make fully informed decisions about future research participation in order to protect, optimize and preserve their quality of life.  

For Deane-Polyak, “the culminating experience of my MPH degree will have meaning beyond the walls of this institution and for someone other than myself.”

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