A headshot of Dr. Carson Smith

Dr. Carson Smith discussed Exercise and Brain Health at Kinesiology's Friday First Seminar on Sept. 6.

September 9, 2019

The Kinesiology department began the semester with a successful First Friday Seminar, hosted by Drs. Sarah Glancy and Sush Ranadive.  A total of 4 seminars will take place over the course of the semester, each highlighting faculty from different KNES areas to share what is being conducted across the department. The first session featured Dr. Carson Smith, who discussed Exercise and Brain Health.  In his Exercise for Brain Health lab, their primary focus is on Alzheimer's; however, some researchers are also investigating exercise and mental health.  During his discussion, Dr. Smith shared information about the different ways to collect data using MRI and some of their reserach findings. According to Dr. Smith, "bottom line: Everything that is good about exercise is really all about the brain. Really."

Faculty, staff, and students are encouraged to join for future Friday First Seminars: Oct. 4th (featuring Dr. Jette), Nov. 8th (featuring Dr. Shim), and Dec. 6th (featuring Dr. Prior).



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