Dean Boris Lushniak
May 12, 2020

Hospitals in the Washington, D.C. area are ready to safely handle an expected surge of COVID-19 patients, The Washington Post reported. Since March, the region's hospitals have dramatically expanded capacity with thousands of beds and personal protective equipment. 

“When it comes to the surge that we were expecting in the hospitals, overall this region has done very well," Dean Boris D. Lushniak told The Washington Post. "We have not had the nightmarish scenarios of halls filled up with [sick] people.”

But, Lushniak said, we still need to be cautious. People cannot expect to return soon to daily life as it was before the pandemic, the Post reported. 
“The reality is if we give up too soon, if we don’t follow the phased approach that the governors here are talking about, then we can still end up in trouble," Lushniak said. "Let’s not hold the victory parade yet, but let’s be optimistic.”