Washington Post
November 15, 2018

A troubling number of Latino students in Montgomery County face significant barriers to success in their studies, work and life, reports the Washington Post. The article is based on findings from a new study, "The Promise of Latino Youth in Montgomery County" from Assistant Professor of Family Science Dr. Amy Lewin and doctoral student Andrew Conway. The report was requested by Identity Inc., a nonprofit agency that works with Latino youths in the county. 

Using state and county data, along with survey results and other research studies, the report highlights achievement gaps among the county's Latino youth. The article cites challenges such as limited English language proficiency, poor kindergarten readiness, and high high school dropout rates. “They start out behind and they face really significant challenges in trying to close that gap,” Dr. Amy Lewin notes in the article, "When children experience multiple and chronic stressors, it has really significant implications for both behavior and academic achievement.” 

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