April 21, 2015

Melissa Kimbrell, a Behavioral and Community Health graduate student has been accepted into the Horowtiz Center for Health Literacy and Prince Georges County Health Department's Health Literacy Apprenticeship.  Melissa will work with experts from the Horowtiz Center for Health Literacy and the Prince Georges County Health Department full time as the County Health Literacy Apprentice.  In this apprenticeship, Melissa will train and work with county officials on research and programs related to health literacy and health communication.  Melissa will work in areas related to chronic disease; communication; community transformation initiative; maternal/child health; and the health enterprise zone.  Only one student is chosen for this apprenticeship; the student must apply; be a registered University of Maryland System graduate student; have a minimum GPA of 3.6; show commitment to work in health literacy and community health; demonstrate excellent skills in oral and written communication,  time management , and project management; and have a strong commitment to the field with strong letters of recommendation.  

Congratulations Melissa Kimbrell on this exciting opportunity!


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