June 16, 2017

Family Science Professor Dr. Jinhee Kim co-authored a paper that was recently selected as the Best Paper in Family Studies/Human Development published in the Family & Consumer Sciences Research Journal in 2016. The paper, “Extended Families: Support, Socialization and Stress,” explains the structure and role of extended family systems and gives suggestions based on the findings for financial educators and researchers.

The award was given on the basis of originality, high standards of research design and methodology, and the potential for a lasting contribution to the field. Dr. Kim and her co-authors, Taylor L. Spangler and Dr. Michael S. Gutter, will be presented the award at the American Association of Family & Consumer Sciences annual conference later this month.

Dr. Kim had this to say: “The paper examined the role of extended family (in diverse forms) in individuals’ financial decision making. Family, whether they live together or not, influence how individuals make critical decisions such as earning, spending, borrowing, saving, and investing.”

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