UMD and UMB leaders kick off the sixth annual Public Health Research @ Maryland on April 3, 2018.

Boris Lushniak (School of Public Health dean), Jane Kirschling (School of Nursing dean), Al Reece (School of Medicine dean), Richard Besser (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation president and CEO), Jay Perman (UMB president), Mary Ann Rankin (UMD provost), Bruce Jerrell (UMB provost) and Jay Magaziner (UMB SOM Epidemiology and Public Health chair) kick off the sixth annual Public Health Research day. 

April 5, 2018

Over 500 attendees converged on the Adele H. Stamp Student Union on April 3, 2018 for the sixth annual Public Health Research @ Maryland, hosted by the UMD School of Public Health and the University of Maryland School of Medicine's Department of Epidemiology and Public Health (in Baltimore), with support from MPowering the State. This year, all six schools from the Baltimore campus and eight of the twelve colleges on the College Park campus were represented among the attendees and poster presenters. 

Robert Wood Johnson Foundation CEO and President Richard Besser addressed a crowd that required a simulcast to an overflow room. His talk, titled “Changing How America Thinks About Health,” touched on many issues of health equity and economics that drive our nation’s health, well beyond access to health care providers and medical facilities. The RWJF's concept of building a "Culture of Health" is focused on promoting health equity and removing the myriad barriers that keep a healthy life out of reach for many. "The choices you make depend on the choices you have," Dr. Besser simply stated. "Far too many people can't make healthy choices because of circumstances. Health should be an easy option."



Four panel discussions—two concurrent sessions in the morning and two in the afternoon—inspired robust discussions about technology and healthy behaviors; health literacy as a public trust-building tool; the opioid epidemic; and the question of “Do data matter?” in which audience members responded to panelist questions using a mobile app.

The SPH also hosted a group of accepted students at the event for a series of informational sessions that ran concurrent to the PHR@M schedule. These potential new students attended Dr. Besser's keynote talk and experienced the busy PHR@M poster session in the Grand Ballroom.

More than 150 researchers presented posters illustrating their work. A few of the many participating universities and institutions outside of the University System of Maryland included Georgetown University, Howard University, University of Florida, the National Institutes of Health, Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, Holy Cross Health, and the Maryland Public Health Association. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral level presenters received awards.

Undergraduate Student Awards

1st Place: Aubree Driver, UMD SPH Public Health Science

Title: Maryland Environmental Justice Screening Tool

Honorable Mention: Usha Singh, UMD SPH Public Health Science / Westat
Title: Holistic Multisector Approaches to Improving Population Health: Lessons Learned from a Health Equity Roundtable

Honorable Mention: Daniel Callow, UMD SPH Kinesiology
Title: Acute exercise improves neural efficiency independent of exercise intensity in younger adults

Masters Student Awards

1st Place: Natasha Hurwitz, UMD College of Information Studies, Information Management
Title: Data Analysis of Digital Health Disease Management Program

Honorable Mention: Daniel Marthey, UMD SPH Department of Health Services Administration
Title: Barriers and Utilization of Routine Dental Services Among Children in Qualified Health Plans Compared to Medicaid

Honorable Mention: Rebecca Patterson, UMD SPH Marylane Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Title: Antimicrobial Resistance of Enterococci in Recycled and Surface Water in the Mid-Atlantic

Doctoral Student Awards

1st Place: Deanna Barath, UMD SPH Department of Health Services Administration
Title: Health Matters: Where do Mid-Shore Residents Go For Care?

Honorable Mention: Jessica Chopyk, UMD SPH Maryland Institute for Applied Environmental Health
Title: Agricultural freshwater pond supports diverse and dynamic bacterial and viral populations

Honorable Mention: Priscilla Novak, UMD SPH Department of Health Services Administration
Title: Hospital Care Coordination to Connect to Behavioral Health Services

The second annual PHR@M photo contest drew nearly 30 entries, and attendees chose winners--including tied second and third-place photos--from among the student entries:

1st Place: Project Homeless Connect - Mehrnaz Ighani

2nd Place: Stray Dogs at River Number 2 Beach - Laura Briggs Drew

2nd Place: Standing in Solidarity - Chris Cioffi

3rd Place: Atlas - Shereen Ashai

3rd Place: Abandoned Trash in the Heart of Freetown - Laura Briggs Drew

All photo contest entries are posted in a Flickr album.

PHR@M 2018 Photo Contest entries

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