Sana Haider receiving Fulbright Student Award
May 1, 2017

Ms. Sana Haider has received a Fulbright Student Award based on her proposal: “Large-scale Introduction of HPV Vaccination Among Underprivileged Elementary School Girls”. The Fulbright Student Award is awarded to the brightest students in the United States in order to fund their individually designed research.  Ms. Haider will immerse herself in the Filipino culture and enroll as a non-degree seeking student in the University of Philippines Manila’s College of Public Health.  Her research will explore the perspectives of stakeholders on a previously implemented school based HPV vaccination program. Ms Haider aims to present her findings to the Philippine Department of Health.  Faculty from the University of Philippines Manila College of Public Health and Philippine General Hospital will supervise Ms. Haider. 

Ms. Haider hopes to return to the US upon completion of her research to seek a Masters in Public Health specializing in epidemiology and later a Doctorate of Public Health. 

Related Degree: 
Bachelor of Science, Community Health