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Dr. Jette shared her research in the area of Physical Cultural Studies.

October 8, 2019

On Friday, October 4th, the Department of Kinesiology hosted its second First Friday Speaker Series. This presentation featured Dr. Shannon Jette's research in the area of Physical Cultural Studies.  In general, Physical Cultural Studies works from the premise that "an equal society is a healthy society." Dr. Jette's work is centered around the shift in focus on social inequities rather than indvidiual factors or shortcomings when exploring physical inactivity. Additionally, she shared how the concept of inseparability of social and biological factors has guided her work. Over the years, her aim has been to create better health promotion messages and interventions for at-risk groups, including pregnant women, urban American Indian female youth, aging Chinese Canadian immigrant women, and women living in poverty.  During her presentation, Dr. Jette summarized her research of viewing risk in a variety of contexts, as outlined below.

Risk in the context of:

1. Understanding - understanding barriers for urban American Indian female youth

2. Constructions - how medical knowledge of prenatal exercise, risk, and obesity is constructed by social and political context 

3. Biology of Disadvantage - for fetal origins of disease, few interventions acknowledged social inequalities and limited the social context to the mother's behavior and lifestyle, but did not consider the broader environmental context that influenced their choices



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