Talia Klein
June 22, 2018

Congratulations to Talia Klein on her selection as a 2018-2019 Philip Merrill Presidential Scholar. The Philip Merrill Presidential Scholars program honors students’ academic excellence and the important role that teachers and faculty have as mentors. The Department of Behavioral and Community Health is further honored that Ms. Klein chose Dr. Dina Borzekowski, Research Professor as the faculty mentor who had the greatest impact on her academic achievement. Ms. Klein and her mentors, Dr. Borzekowski and Mrs. Nicole Friedman (Ms. Klein's high school algebra teacher) will be honored with a luncheon in November.

Ms. Klein credits Mrs. Friedman and Dr. Borzekowski with challenging her to excel academically and professionally in ways she never imagined. Reflecting on her growth in high school, Ms. Klein attributes her ability to think critically and challenge herself academically to Mrs. Friedman. Dr. Borzekowski and Ms. Klein formed a special bond during a semester in biostatistics when Ms. Klein would frequently stay after class to discuss course material and seek ways to apply concepts learned in class at a more advanced level. Ms. Klein thanks Dr. Borzekowski for continuing to expose her to research and data analysis while assisting her in refining her professional strengths and identifying further areas of growth.  With their help, Ms. Klein feels prepared for a career in public health.