Gabriela Molinolo and Bernadette Kilcer
March 13, 2018

Gabriela Molinolo (Epidemiology, 2012) and Bernadette Kilcer (Environmental Health, 2017)  met at the International Society of Infectious Diseases 2018 Hackathon as part of an international multi-disciplinary team. Over the course of three days the team identified a problem and suggested a solution for enhancements to ProMed, an internet-based reporting system, to more effectively engage and provide public health information to the public. 

The team, comprised of additional members from Venezuela, Canada, and the United Kingdom brought home 3rd place.

ProMed is dedicated to the rapid global dissemination of information on outbreaks of infectious diseases and acute exposures to toxins that affect human health, including those in animals and in plants grown for food or animal feed. 

The problem that the team worked on was creating improvements to increase customized accessibility, maintain or increase access in low-bandwidth regions, and provide improved service overall. Their suggestions included increasing filtering capacity, adding a commentary box, and creating gamification of some features to encourage contributions and draw attention to those individuals who are experts in their field. 

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