Clean 2020 Virtual Summit
August 18, 2020

The Clean 2020 Virtual Summit is bringing together thought leaders from from business, policy, standards development, engineering and public health to work together to control viral transmission in the built environment. Four SPH experts have been involved in the collaborative effort - Assistant Professor Jennifer Roberts, Professor Donald Milton, Professor Sandra Quinn and Dean Boris Lushniak. 

"The Clean 2020 summit provides a space and opportunity for in-depth discussions on the relationship between pathogenic exposures and the built environment as well as its social and economic impacts," said Jennifer D. Roberts, assistant professor of Kinesiology who was invited to sit on the steering committee. 

The conference is being held over three days throughout August, for a multi-staged approached where each stage has different objectives and goals.

Roberts was invited to be on the committee to provide perspective on the built environment and public health. She's moderated presentations in Stage 2 of the conference and helped to organize a potential fourth stage which would focus more on health equity. Dean Boris Lushniak is also on the steering committee and is providing similar moderation and guidance.  

"I've enjoyed hearing about the research and technology developments regarding viral transmission in this new age of COVID-19, and have been thrilled to see UMD researchers work highlighted," Roberts said. 

Dr. Don Milton, professor of applied environmental health, presented his research on the role that aerosols play in transmission of COVID-19, and how airborne spread can be reduced and controlled. Dr. Sandra Quinn, professor of family science, will be presenting on vaccine acceptance in routine and emergency situations, especially among minority populations.

"Complex problems with complex solutions take time to understand," summit leaders wrote. "We want to end the summit with near-term and long-term recommendations for how we can work together to solve the challenges we identify in day one."

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