Deedee Strum
April 10, 2019

The Family Science department hosted its "FMSC Alumni Speaker Panel" this Spring with FMSC 1974 graduate Ms. DeLois (DeeDee) Strum. Strum graduated from the department with a Masters in Family Studies Community Development. Strum is the Senior Professional Services/Business Consultant & Curriculum Developer at At the panel, Strum spoke about the changing face of family and community disasters. Ms. Strum also provided a job outlook for the profession. Dr. Kerry Tripp, Director of Undergraduate Program, praised the event, and its presenters saying, “Thanks so much to our distinguished alumni speakers for their commitment to their alma mater and to our department.”

Strum is currently the Vice President of Social Programs with the UMD School of Public Health Alumni Network. She provides onsite training and freelance services in curriculum development and instructional design, to universities and nonprofit organizations. As V.P. of Social Programs, Strum’s near-term goal is to elevate the profile of the SPH through "friend-raising":  a two-fold strategy to include cultivating current students to embrace their future role as an active alumni member (i.e., "building a pipeline"), and undertaking a series of engaging social events/venues to identify and motivate graduates of SPH's legacy schools to engage as speakers, mentors and/or role models for current students, with the ultimate goal of building deeper levels of support for SPH's mission. Strum believes this leadership role provides her a structure in which she can contribute from her various life-lessons to the benefit of the emerging SPH leaders, who will soon serve our nation's families and communities. And, in doing so, it will allow Strum to repay the investment and benefit received from the wise counsel provided to her as an undergrad student, and subsequent graduate teaching fellow, to the now-retired, SPH/Family Science professor, Dr. Noel Myricks.

The SPH Alumni Network officers assist in planning activities that will connect UMD SPH alumni (as well as those who graduated from the colleges that predated the formation of the School of Public Health in 2007) for networking, educational and recreational opportunities. The mission of the UMD School of Public Health Alumni Network is to promote and support the school, encourage academic and professional excellence and facilitate career development for both current students and graduates while fostering and strengthening a lasting relationship between the school and its alumni.

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