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National Library of Medicine CHM interns Gessica Fleurival, Deborah Bitire and Sofia Epshtein

November 22, 2017

UMD alumni Julian Argoti (BS '16 Community Health) now works at the National Library of Medicine as a research assistant. In September, Argoti and three current Department of Behavioral and Community Health NLM interns--Gessica Fleurival, Deborah Bitire and Sofia Epshtein--presented information about effective, low-cost mapping tools to Dr. James Butler’s and Dr. Sharon Desmond’s Principles of Community Health classes. 

Community Health Maps (CHM) seeks to provide information about low-cost mapping tools that can be used by community organizations. Argoti and the students wrote a blog post about their SPH demonstrations, which began with classroom presentations about this mapping tool and how it might be used by student researchers, and also included a hands-on data collection exercise, with students mapping the locations of trash cans and water fountains as an exercise in using a low-cost tool available to anyone with an iOS or Android device.

According to the blog post, "The primary goal was to expose the students to the resource and to help them explore how it might be used in their research."

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