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January 29, 2018

Terp Magazine looked at recent research undertaken by SPH Assistant Professor Devon Payne-Sturges (MIAEH) with the UMD Campus Pantry. "A small survey conducted on campus in 2015 found that 15 percent of undergraduates were food-insecure, meaning they lacked consistent access to safe and healthy foods. Another 16 percent were at risk of becoming food-insecure, according to the survey by Assistant Professor Devon Payne-Sturges in environmental health and Allison Lilly Tjaden M.P.H. ’12, assistant director in Dining Services," the article states.

“There is more struggle going on than many people think,” Payne-Sturges says in the article.

According to the story, the Campus Pantry is starting a $900,000 fundraising campaign to move to a much larger space, and possibly a teaching kitchen, space for one-on-one counseling, and an exterior door, which would mean it could stay open longer than the Health Center's daytime hours.



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