headshot of Gina Garcia
November 15, 2019

Thesis Defense Meeting: Gina Garcia

Nov. 22nd, 10am
Advisor: Dr. Jae Shim
Title: Shoe midsole drop affects joint-level kinetics and energetics during jump-landing
Abstract:  Traditional athletic footwear is designed with an elevated heel, causing ankle plantarflexion (positive drop). Conversely, research suggests an elevated forefoot (negative drop) could take advantage of calf musculature and improve jump height.  It is unknown, though, if a negative drop simultaneously benefits landing mechanics related to lower extremity injury risk, and how individual lower extremity joints are affected, which contribute to whole-body jump-landing performance.  Maximum vertical countermovement jumps were performed by 16 females in shoes with negative (NEG), neutral (NTRL), and positive (POS) drops.  Although jump height was similar, peak concentric joint power was significantly greater in NEG than POS at the ankle, but opposite at the knee during jumping.  During landing, eccentric work was greatest in POS.  Joint work was greater in NEG than POS at the ankle, but opposite at the knee.  These findings suggest shoe drop can affect joint-level jump-landing mechanics without concomitant changes in whole-body performance. 
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Gina Garcia, Jae Kun Shim
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MA, Kinesiology