I Am Healthy & Fit
February 7, 2019

Celebrity trainer Steve Jordan ‘98 interviewed School of Public Health Dean Boris Lushniak, MD, MPH, for his weekly podcast I Am Healthy & Fit.

In this episode, Jordan and Lushniak discuss developing daily habits that foster good health, making fitness a priority and crafting policies and laws that improve public health. Lushniak also shares his experiences serving as Acting Surgeon General, a position he held from July 2013 to December 2014.

“So much of what we did out of the public health mission of the office of the surgeon general was discuss things with America,” Lushniak told Jordan. “As the surgeon general of the United States, you’re the bully pulpit. You’re the doctor to the nation. And part of what we’re trying to instill in that nation is, in essence, the importance of active living.”

Jordan and Lushniak recorded the episode in San Diego in November 2018 during the annual meeting of the American Public Health Association, where Jordan led an early morning workout for attendees.

Listen to the episode here.

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