Mira Kowarsky
June 18, 2020

Mira Kowarsky, a senior Family Science major at the University of Maryland, has plans to graduate this summer 2020. She is currently completing her internship working for the Family Science department as their Marketing Intern. Throughout her four years at University of Maryland, she has discovered her passion for learning about human psychology and how it can be used to study families’ dynamics. As a freshman, Mira majored in Psychology, but switched into the Family Science major after realizing the program was a better fit for her interest in family and social services. 

As an adoptee from China, Mira is interested in working in adoption services whether that be domestic or international. She is also interested in child and maternal services. Her experience as an adoptee and her passion for helping other people has driven her towards social services. Throughout her time at the University of Maryland, she has taken many classes that focus on family dynamics and how that is explored through the sociological, psychological and public health lens. A few of her favorite classes have been FMSC 260: Couple Relationships with instructor Elise Resnick, FMSC 332: Children in Families with instructor Christine Schull and FMSC 460: Violence in Families with instructor Christine Schull. Right now she is looking at possibly going to graduate school to obtain her Master of Social Work (MSW). 

Mira’s personal interests include art and animal welfare. She was a member of the Terps for Animal Welfare club (TAW) at University of Maryland where she had the role of service chair. TAW is a campus organization that was established to support the fight against animal cruelty by raising awareness about animal abuse/neglect and assisting local animal rescue shelters by donating money and providing volunteers. As Service Chair, she coordinated with local shelters and other animal-related organizations to establish connections and set up events. Mira also fostered cats through the Maryland SPCA in order to prepare cats and kittens for adoption by caring for and helping them with either health or behavioral issues. 

As Mira is also passionate about art, specifically painting and drawing, she is also interested in pursuing a Masters of Fine Art (MFA) as well. She has thought about perhaps merging her interest in both art and social work together. 

When asked about her interest in the Family Science field, she stated, “I believe that so many of the early influences in one’s life begin with family. Family services are so important for the mental, physical and emotional health and wellbeing of a person. I want to go into this public health field because I truly believe that every child is deserving of a loving and supportive environment, where they have access to tools and opportunities that will foster their growth and development. As a society it is crucial that we put time, effort and resources into services that benefit and aid children and their families.”