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December 14, 2017

WAMU reported on the groundbreaking of a new hospital in Prince George’s County, quoting Health Services Administration Professor Stephen Thomas, who is the director of the Maryland Center for Health Equity.

“For decades, neighbors in Prince George’s County would warn each other to avoid the county’s health facilities,” the article reads.

“I moved here to Prince George’s County in 2010 and I was told that very thing,’ Dr. Thomas is quoted as saying.

The story notes that Dr. Thomas worked on a comprehensive survey of Prince George’s County’s health needs in 2012, which helped to guide plans for the new medical center.

“If all the people with private health insurance leave and go to Montgomery County or the District of Columbia for their medical care, guess what’s left in Prince George’s County?" Dr. Thomas explained in the story. "People who don’t have private insurance; people who don’t have insurance at all.”

The article states that Dr. Thomas believes the county’s residents deserve better and he is excited about the new hospital, which will be run by the University of Maryland Medical Services.

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