WAMU radio
February 1, 2018

In an original WAMU radio report, School of Public Health Professor Donald Milton (MIAEH) talks about his latest research program to study the spread of the flu virus among a population of student residents on the University of Maryland campus. The story also goes into detail about the mechanics of the study, and the machine Dr. Milton designed to capture the breath of people who have come down with the virus: the Gesundheit Machine.

The story also talks about the implications of Dr. Milton’s research. “All the data is not just for our information, but so we can design spaces to keep infections from spreading too easily, and protect ourselves more effectively,” the article says.

“What about pandemics and what about new infections that come along? How can we defend against those?” Milton asked in the story. “It is possible, even if it’s airborne, to protect against it. We just need to understand how it works better.”

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