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A health educator, Dr. Horowitz formerly was a senior scientist, National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Health (NIDCR), National Institutes of Health (NIH).  Dr. Horowitz has extensive work in dental caries prevention and early detection. She also has developed numerous surveys on the subject. Dr. Horowitz was instrumental in initiating the need to address health literacy in dentistry and was one of the authors of the first NIH Program Announcement addressing health literacy. She also organized the NIDCR’s workshop on oral health literacy and co-authored the findings. She served as the NIH lead for the Healthy People 2010 Oral Health Chapter and worked on Healthy People and Healthy People 2020. Dr. Horowitz was a primary architect of the Maryland State Oral Cancer Prevention and Early Detection coalition. She initiated both state and national research on what health care providers and the public know and do about oral cancer prevention and early detection. She served on the recent Institute of Medicine’s panel, Advancing Oral Health in America. She has published over 125 scientific papers and book chapters.

Education and Training

May 1992 - PhD. (health education), University of Maryland

June 1965 ‑ MA (education), University of Iowa

June 1962 ‑ BA (general science), University of Iowa

June 1961 ‑ RDH (dental hygiene), University of Iowa


Health Literacy

Honors and Awards

American Dental Association Honorary Member October 2014

Certificate of Achievement Recognition Delta Omega, UMD SPH April 2014
 University of Maryland, School of Public Health –Alumni of the Year 2012

University of California San Francisco--- John C. Greene Lecture 2010

US Public Health Service—Surgeon General David Satcher Keynote Lecture--2008 Scientific and Training

American Board of Dental Public Health-Honorary Diplomate--2007

New York Dental Foundation- Foundation of Excellence in Research Award 2006

NIH Plain Language Outstanding Award—2004

Hispanic Dental Association President’s Award, 2002

State of Maryland, Champions Against Oral Cancer Award, 2001

NIDCR/NIH Special Merit Award 2001

American Public Health Association, Oral Health Section, John W. Knutson Award for Distinguished Service—2000

DHHS Secretary’s Award for Distinguished Service---2000

American Association of Public Health Dentistry, Distinguished Service Award – 1999.

NIH Director’s Award--1999

Association of State and Territorial Dental Directors, Distinguished Service Award   - 1993

International Association for Dental Research, H. Trendley Dean Award - 1992

American Association of Public Health Dentistry, Special Merit Award – 1988


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