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Dylan H. Roby

Visiting Associate Professor, Health Policy and Management

Dr. Dylan Roby is a visiting faculty member at the University of Maryland with a full-time associate professor position at the University of California, Irvine. He is a health services researcher and health policy analyst with expertise in Medicaid, health insurance markets, community health centers, public hospitals, program evaluation, health disparities, microsimulation and the health policy process. 


SPH | Room 3310F

(301) 405-6545

Areas of Interest

Health Policy; Health Disparities; Program Evaluation; Health Insurance

PhD, Public Policy, 2006

George Washington University

BA, Geography, 1998



HLSA723 Health Policy Analysis and Advocacy

HLSA765 Dissertation Proposal Seminar

George F. Kramer Practitioner of the Year Award, University of Maryland School of Public Health 

Roby DH. 2020. Evidence from Early State Medicaid Expansions Demonstrates That Uneven State Implementation Harms Childless Young Adults. Journal of Adolescent Health, 67(3): 319.

Boudreaux M, Xie L, Choi YS, Roby DH, Rendall MS. 2020. Changes to Contraceptive Method Use at Title X Clinics Following Delaware Contraceptive Access Now, 2008-2017. American Journal of Public Health, 110(8): 1214-1220.

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